INNOVA Engineering Solutions

We focus on understanding your specific cabling needs in order to provide the best scalable, turn-key solutions designed to suit your infrastructure needs now and into the future.

Canada's leading architectural, service solution provider to leading companies

With over 5 years of experience in the structured designing industry we have seen it all and stay on top of all new trends in the market. Our customers are the main focus and our approach to project management, cost control, and ensuring we meet and exceed our customer expectation is what our company is based on. We focus on understanding your specific infrastructure needs in order to provide the best scalable, turn-key solutions designed to suit your infrastructure need now and into the future.

Our Services

Architectural Drafting

Our team specializes in residential or commercial buildings or in material used such as steel, timber or reinforced concrete.Some of the services are:
Construction Documentation
Detailing of Landscaping
Shop and Coordination Drawings
CAD System Development
Code Compliance Analysis

Structural Engineering

Every service we provide and project we complete must be aligned with our vision of building a professional firm with structural engineering as its backbone. We have engineers on our staff with the technical expertise, experience and ingenuity to design structural systems of all sizes and types. We apply our common sense problem-solving approach to buildings, industrial structures and equipment, agricultural construction and public infrastructure.
Our Structure Drafting Includes Following:
Foundation plans with footing and column schedules
Structure framing layouts with decking, joist, trusses, composite and pre-stressed structures
Blown up connection details
Design of concrete and steel structure
Design of wooden structures including sheds and residential structures
Replacement strcuture designs for deteriorated structures

Estimating Services

Innova has experience consultors who are specialize in construction cost estimating. Our cost estimators provide client with detailed information and pricing from a construction project's phase to the completition of the project.
Innova provides estimating and take-off services for almost every building item including:
Structural and miscellaneous steel
Rebar or steel reinforcement
Concrete volume, CMU or concrete masonry units
Grout, doors and windows
Wood or other framing materials
Surface area of floors or walls
We provide these services by executing Manual Take Offs from design drawings and specification documents or by building 3D BIM models with accurate, identifiable building elements.

3D Modelling Services

With the extensive range of BIM services to include BIM construction modelling, our team has experts who can convert 2D CAD blueprints to 3D.
With large teams that have expertise in these powerful tools, we can perform work on both large and rush projects. We are trained for the latest software versions and features to harness the full benefits of these applications. Additionally, we can dedicate complete teams to a client and thus learn unique presentation, modeling or design styles. Likewise, our rigorous quality and checking department ensures adherence to design, codes and client presentation standards.
Creation of Construction Model
3D models used for structural steel shop drawings must be accurate to 1mm. Our roots as the best producer of 3D models for shop and fabrication drawings have trained us to build models with the highest level of accuracy and compliance with design. We start with the assumption that all the work we provide will be used for the production of shop or fabrication drawings and thus will require absolute precision. The result is a more accurate 3D model and one that does not require modifications when construction begins.
Design and Drawings
Many 3D BIM applications claim that once a 3D model is built and design drawings can be printed easily and without effort. Our experience, however, is that client presentation and design styles, as well as unique geographical code requirements, require scrubbing, modifications and additional work for 2D drawings. Moreover, our experience and knowledge in Architectural, Structural drafting enables us to build 3D models and provide 2D design and drawings in a client’s unique style.

Management Services

Innova Engineering Solutions understands that the key to any successful organization is understanding the deliverables and managing the changes along the process.In addition to sheer size, breadth of experience, consistency and high quality performance, Innova offers several capabilities that make our services truly unique. First, our complementary expertise in design, detailing and drafting makes us stronger in each respective skill. Second, through our large structural design team that focuses on industrial plants as well as commercial buildings, we understand design issues comprehensively and can recommend intelligent solutions that immediately impact projects. Third, we have developed significant competitive advantages by working across multiple trades and disciplines – Architecture, Structural, Civil – and with diverse materials, such as steel and concrete. Regardless of difficulty or inter-disciplinary complexity, we have the knowledge and experience to make all the pieces of a project fit together.
The Innova Services Project Management team has expertise in all kinds of Architectural Projects such as:
Multi Family Complexes
Retail Stores
Project Planning and coordination
Medical Buildings