INNOVA Engineering Solutions

We determine on understanding our clients need to their best interest and continuously exceeding there expectation by providing them scalable and extraordinary solutions.

About Us

Innova is one of Canada's leading architectural, service solution provider. With over 5 years of experience in the structured designing industry we have seen it all and stay on top of all new trends in the market. Our customers are the main focus and our approach to project management, cost control, and ensuring we meet and exceed our customer expectation is what our company is based on. We focus on understanding your specific infrastructure needs in order to provide the best scalable, turn-key solutions designed to suit your infrastructure need now and into the future.

Architectural Drafting

Our team specializes in residential or commercial buildings or in material used such as steel, timber or reinforced concrete.Some of the services are:
Construction Documentation
Detailing of Landscaping Shop and Coordination Drawings

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Estimation Services

Innova has experience consultors who are specialize in construction cost estimating. Our cost estimators provide client with detailed information and pricing from a construction project's phase to the completition of the project.

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Structural Engineering

Every service we provide and project we complete must be aligned with our vision of building a professional firm with structural engineering as its backbone. We have engineers on our staff with the technical expertise, experience and ingenuity to design structural systems of all sizes and types. We apply our common sense problem-solving approach to buildings, industrial structures and equipment, agricultural construction and public infrastructure.

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3D Modelling Services

With the extensive range of BIM services to include BIM construction modelling, our team has experts who can convert 2D CAD blueprints to 3D. Some of the services are: Conflict Identification
As-Built Modelling
Development System

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Management Services

Innova Engineering Solutions understands that the key to any successful organization is understanding the deliverables and managing the changes along the process. The Innova Services Project Management team has expertise in all kinds of Architectural Projects such as:
Multi Family Complexes
Retail Stores
Project Planning and coordination
Medical Buildings

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Environmental Engineering

Our team emphasize on to protect human health, protect nature's beneficial ecosystems and to improve recycling and public health. Innova services ensures that all solutions are being provided by considering all the given factors to improve quality of human life.

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Services Highlights